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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Thousands Stage Protest over NPA Admission of Crime



BANCASI, Butuan City – The City of Butuan was filled with sadness, anguish and pain when thousand Lumads from different tribes in Caraga and people from different walks of life staged indignation march and rally at 1pm today, October 27, 2015, days after the NPA admitted the crime of brutally killing Mayor Dario Otaza and his son Daryl.
“Hustisya! Hustisya! Para kang Mayor Otaza, sa iyang anak og sa tanang Lumad nga gipatay sa mga NPA(Justice! Justice! For Mayor Otaza, his son and to all Lumad killed by the NPA). Kami ang tinuod nga Lumad, dungga kami. Dungga ang amoang tinuod nga kahimtang sa mapahimuslanon og madaogdaogong NPA. Ihunong na ninyo (NPA) ang pag patay og pag pangilad sa mga Lumad. (We are the legitimate Lumads, hear our voice. Hear our cry over NPA’s tyranny and oppression. NPA, stop killing and deceiving Lumads).” Cried by thousand protesters filled with anger over NPA Lumad killings.
Said rally also dubbed as “Anti-Violence Assembly” in Butuan City, is their (Lumads) way of airing their real situation over the Maoist-Terrorist NPA.
Ralliests walked over the heart of Butuan City and went to Guingona Park, the area for them to voice out their anguish over the NPA atrocities and the call to end violence.
Datu Payad Sangkuan Rey Cervantes, chair of Caraga Regional Council for the Indigenous People and president of Sulong Katutubo, have been very emotional during his speech. He felt so much pain for the loss of his dear friend Mayor Otaza whom he considered as their icon for peace and democracy for freeing his town of insurgency menace.
Datu Payad said, “Mayor, kung asa man ka karon, salamat sa tanan! Giluwas nimo ang imong mga tawo sa kamot sa mga nagharing NPA. Among lauman nga magpadayon ang imong paghatag ug maayong kaugmaon sa imong Katawhan.” (Mayor, wherever you are right now, thank you for everything! You freed your people on the hands of the NPA. We promise that your dream of giving better future for your people will continue).
Meanwhile, five other tribal leaders from different tribal affiliation including a former NPA commander, Julieto Canoy, who has been with the armed struggle for 31 years, also denounced NPA atrocities. They described the NPA’s kangaroo court as brutal and inhumane. They said in ‘bisaya’ language that the NPA reasons don’t give them permission to kill. Only God knows when to take lives. They (NPA) should face the law.
The activity ended after offering a solemn prayer and lighting of candle in memory of all Lumads killed by the NPA. 

Credit: 4DPAO / MCAG

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