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Sunday, March 9, 2014

NPA bandits intensify bomb attacks in Davao del Sur

Photo obtained by Kawal Pinoy from Internet Sources

On March 2, 2014 (Sunday) 16 people were injured in two separate bombing incidents perpetrated by members of the New People's Army in Davao del Sur.

Earlier in that day, 11 soldiers were peppered with shrapnels when a bomb was detonated as their vehicle passed by. 

Trying to save the lives of the victims, a group of civilian emergency responders rushed to the scene on board civilian ambulances owned by the provincial government and the local branch of the Philippine Red Cross. Unmindful of the non-military targets, the bandits detonated another roadside bomb, wounding 5 civilians.

Lieutenant Colonel Harold Cabunoc, commander of the 7th Civil Relations Group, said that the NPA is undoubtedly topping the list of human rights violators in the country. 

"The use of landmines  and attacks against civilians are clear violations to the international humanitarian law and the local law known as RA 9851 that punishes violations to the IHL. These are the same provisions that the CPP-NPA-NDF and the GRP signed in a document called CARRHIL," said Cabunoc.

"Why would the NPA include innocent civilians? Their mouths speak of supposed ideologies but they act like terrorists. They are not fighting for causes, but only for survival. This goes in the form of extortion and harassments, among other things," he added.

"More and more people in the countryside are condemning the senseless attacks of the NPA on civilian population. The people are also fed up by the massive extortion activities, not sparing even those who have just enough food on the table for their family," Cabunoc said.

But what should be also looked into, are those NPA in the field. They are the truest victims of deception and lies. Do they really understand what they are fighting for? Their leaders are living the good and comfortable life somewhere while they are doing the "hard" work in the field. 

It is not too late for them to lay down their arms. We call on them to denounce armed struggle. All they do is sow fear and violence and this hinders development. Too many lives have gone to waste. Too many futures have been ruined.

Cabunoc also challenged human rights advocates like KARAPATAN to denounce the recent bomb attack.

"I dare you to protest in EDSA to abolish the NPA which has become a band of terrorists. Show them you are not in favor of them," Cabunoc said.

The NPA has a long list of violent acts. Among the high profile ones include the "killing fields" in Cagayan de Oro, Bicol and Leyte.

Nearly a hundred bodies were recovered by government forces believed to be victims of NPA atrocities in the 1980s.

In 1989, about 40 people attending a mass in Digos were also killed by the NPA using machineguns and rifles. 

The NPA bandits have continuously perpetrated senseless attacks on the civilian population, targeting people who refuse to pay them extortion money that they call 'revolutionary taxes'. 

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